Fun And Discovery
For Happy Learners

Laying The Foundation For School And Life Success

Fun And Discovery For Happy Learners

Laying The Foundation For School And Life Success

Toddler | 17 months - 2 Years | Serving Williamsburg, Toano, Newport News, New Kent & Yorktown, VA

Starting Early, Developing Practical Skills for Life

Our all-round approach, based on the Love & Logic model, leads with empathy and communication. In groups with both teacher-led and child-led activities, children learn to share, focus, and listen, to build a strong social foundation.

Specialized Care
by Registered Nurses

There are no more than ten toddlers in a group led by teachers and registered pediatric nurses. Your child will enjoy personalized attention and the particular care they need.

Space to Roam for
Physical Development

With regular playtimes outdoors and in our gross motor skills room, your child begins to thrive physically. Climbing, pulling, crawling, and exploring in safe spaces, they build health and strength through movement.

A Specialized Environment that Encourages Freedom

Our open-plan space empowers your child to move, explore, and discover. As children enjoy carefully crafted activities in each area and interact with each other, they build confidence, social skills, and curiosity.

Stay Updated on Your Child's Progress Every Day

We regularly send photos, videos, and news to parents about children’s activities, achievements, and routine via PB & J TV. With PB & J TV, you can tune into our live stream via your smartphone and see what your child is doing at any time.

A Healthy Diet So
Toddlers Grow and Thrive

When your child starts eating solids, we ensure they get only the most nutritious, low-sugar, health-filled ingredients in a menu prepared in a state-inspected kitchen. The fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, and honey we offer are all organic and locally sourced.

Cleanliness Is A Priority
For The Best Health

Your child’s health is our primary concern, and we conduct daily cleaning to ensure proper sanitization of all areas and facilities. A commercial cleaning company comes once a week to deep clean our school.

Enrichment Activities
Broaden Horizons

Our toddlers enjoy regular opportunities to explore a diverse range of new skills, led by expert specialists. Children try movement, dance, and music to develop their creativity, self-expression, and social skills.

A Strong Start for
Kindergarten Readiness

At this early age, our whole-child approach lays the framework for a successful future inside and out of the classroom. With care and encouragement, toddlers begin developing the skills they need for kindergarten.

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Give Your Child The Opportunity To Shine!