Learning and Growing
Towards A Bright Future

Time To Practice Socio-Emotional
Skills And Meaningful Play Every Day

Learning and Growing Towards A Bright Future

Time To Practice Socio-Emotional Skills And Meaningful Play Every Day

Threes | 3 Years - 4 Years | Serving Williamsburg, Toano, Newport News, New Kent & Yorktown, VA

Preparing for Future Learning with Fun and Creativity

For a head start in their school career, children begin to explore kindergarten concepts through play. Our approach is based on The Creative Curriculum® and combines hands-on fun with interactive activities.

An Encouraging Environment for Social-Emotional Development

Through child- and teacher-led activities, in groups and individually, we help children build the practical skills they need for life. Using the Love & Logic method, we encourage empathy, self-awareness, and communication.

A Healthy Diet for Healthy Growth at no Extra Cost

We prepare our daily breakfasts, hot lunches, and snacks with the freshest ingredients in a state-inspected kitchen. Our meals are all organic, low in sugar, include whole grains, and we source our fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, and honey from local farmers. With the nutrients they need, children learn and grow to be their best selves every day.

An Enriched Curriculum with Extra Chances to Explore

Daily activities supplement your child’s learning with diverse and exciting ways to express themselves. Dance, martial arts, baking, and arts & crafts are just some of the enrichments on the weekly schedule.

Care From Nurses
And Loving Teachers

Our staff includes teachers that are also pediatric nurses. Children are safe and secure, with personalized attention from professionals who know the importance of individual learning styles and particular needs.

Cleanliness is a Priority
for Health and Safety

To ensure the wellbeing of all children in our care, we conduct a thorough cleaning of the school every day. A commercial company cleans once a week to guarantee the highest levels of sanitation.

Freedom to Roam, Explore
and Build Relationships

From the gym and the library to the science and drama rooms, each area in our beautiful space is interconnected so that children can enjoy borderless freedom. Your child can explore each area and mix with different age groups to develop strong social skills.

Building Physical Skills
Indoors and Outdoors

Twice a day, your child spends time out in the fresh air, tending the garden or playing al fresco. In the gross motor skills room, they continue to build their strength, balance, and physical ability.

Regular Updates on
Progress, Every Day

We send daily pictures, videos, and news about what your child has been playing, doing, and learning via PB & J TV. Meanwhile, you can stream real-time footage of your child at any time via PB & J TV.

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