All-Round School Readiness

In A Safe And Creative Learning Environment

All-Round School Readiness

In A Safe And Creative Learning Environment

Pre-K | 4 Years - 5 Years | Serving Williamsburg, Toano, Newport News, New Kent & Yorktown, VA

Learning Led by Registered Nurses And Qualified Teachers

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is cared for, encouraged, and guided throughout their day by medically trained professionals and a stellar group of early educators.

Expertly Preparing for Kindergarten with Confidence

In the last stage of their pre-school journey, your child is guided, encouraged, and equipped for a future of learning. They build motor skills, learn to clasp a pencil, and trace letters. They are confident in working with others and able to self-direct.

A Whole-Child Approach
to Early Education

Our unique approach is based on The Creative Curriculum®, follows Virginia Milestones for Development, and prepares children for life inside and out of the classroom. Children follow their interests in personalized, hands-on activities that develop their critical thinking, creativity, and academic skills like math and literacy.

Enriched Learning with
Additional Experiences

Throughout the week, children enjoy the chance to try fun, creative, and diverse activities to broaden their horizons. With martial arts, dance, music, and baking, they develop new skills and interests for life.

Developing Practical
and Social Skills for Life

We encourage a sense of curiosity and empathy with teacher-led and child-led activities based on the Love & Logic approach. Children develop social and emotional awareness, and crucial life skills like listening, focusing, and sharing.

A Varied, Healthy Food Program for Optimal Health

We serve breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack each day at no cost. Designed by a registered dietitian, our nutrient-heavy menu is low in sugar, full of whole grains and is prepared from fresh, organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Guaranteed Cleanliness
for a Safe Environment

With a strict daily cleaning schedule and weekly commercial cleaning, we ensure our space and facilities are spotless and harmless, for worry-free exploration.

Purpose-built Spaces for Learning and Social Skills

Our open-plan format has dedicated areas for particular activities and encourages children to roam and explore. In the library, the gym, and the drama and science rooms, they engage, discover, interact with other children, and build their social skills.

Outdoor Activities for
Growth and Confidence

Children enjoy outdoor time twice a day. As they run, jump and climb in the fresh air, they develop their physicality, balance, strength, and a love for being active.

Receive Regular
Updates on Your Child

Live-streamed video is accessible at any time via PB & J TV so that you can see your child throughout the day. We regularly send photos and videos of their activities and classroom work via PB & J TV.

Personalized Teaching
Is Better in Small Groups

There are no more than ten children in our Pre-K class, led by two teaching staff who understand that each child learns differently. With focused care and attention, they grow into engaged and confident learners.

Tracking Progress and Acknowledging Achievements

We follow a range of objectives and use age-appropriate diagnostic tests to keep you updated with your child’s progress in all areas. Their work is displayed throughout their learning spaces to foster a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Safety and Security in all Areas For Your Peace Of Mind

We have access controls and internal cameras in place throughout the school. Six-foot chain-link fences protect our outdoor areas. Your child’s safety is our priority.

Award-Winning Leadership

A registered pediatric nurse with more than 30 years of experience, our owner Judy Bradby was honored with the Child Care Rock Star 2019 award in recognition of her achievement in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for children with specialized medical needs.

Movement-based Play for
Learning and Growing

Children learn to love moving and playing, building their strength and physicality in our outdoor areas and gross motor skills room. Out in the fresh air, they jump, climb, and tend their gardens.

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