An Inclusive, Fun Environment For All Children


An Inclusive, Fun Environment For All Children

Preschool & Daycare Serving Williamsburg, Toano, Newport News, New Kent & Yorktown, VA

we are Committed To Keeping Your Family Safe

A Teaching Team That Includes RNs To Care for your Child

Owned and operated by registered nurse Judy Bradby, LeaRNLily prioritizes the health and wellbeing of your child. We have the expertise to ensure their needs are met.

We Emphasize Sanitation
for Health and Wellbeing

To ensure a safe and sanitary environment, our staff follows a sanitization regimen for the space and facilities every day. A commercial cleaning company conducts a deep clean each week.

Open From 6:00 am,
We Welcome Early Birds

To cater to parents with demanding schedules and early starts, we care for children from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, with the flexibility of part-time options to suit your needs.

We are Family-Oriented
and Here For You

We encourage families to be involved and aim to build strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our owners are on-site daily, and we welcome your concerns and ideas.

We Participate In The Virginia Subsidized Care Program

We believe in being in service to our community, which is why we are proud participants in the Virginia Subsidized Care Program.

Live Video and Security
for Your Peace of Mind

Your child’s safety is our priority. We have restricted access, internal-use cameras, and six-foot fences to protect our outdoor areas. You can access live-streamed video of your child at any time via PB & J TV on your smartphone.

Diverse Spaces Designed
with Discovery in Mind

Formerly the Daily Press building, our beautiful home is purpose-built for exploration, without restrictive classrooms. With the babies safe in their dedicated space, the older children have the freedom to move through these inspiring, stimulating areas:

An Inclusive Environment
With Specialized Care

We are uniquely positioned to support babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with special medical needs, including:

Healthy, Delicious Meals Provided For You

We serve breakfast, a hot lunch, and one afternoon snack each day, plus another snack for children who stay with us past 5 o’clock. Our kitchen caters to all dietary requirements including vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free. Our nutritious menu offers organic, whole-grain, low-sugar foods, including locally sourced fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, and honey, at no extra cost to you. 

A Well-Rounded Education for Kindergarten Readiness

We guarantee your child will be more than prepared for further education. Based on The Creative Curriculum®, our diverse program covers literacy, numeracy, science, nature, and social skills.

Completely Connected to
Keep Parents in the Loop

We know how important it is for you to stay updated about your child’s progress. With the Brightwheel app, you can keep in touch and receive regular pictures and videos.

Giving Children a Head Start with Extra Enrichment

From music and dance to martial arts and from cooking and baking to learning sign language, our enrichment activities build creativity, expression, coordination, and a well-rounded, inclusive view of the world.

A Focus on Social Skills And Practical Life Skills Too

In line with the Love and Logic approach, we create a nurturing environment in which children learn how to take care of themselves and each other. Children are encouraged in to take the lead in practical life skills, such as dressing themselves and tidying up areas.

Award-Winning Leadership

A registered pediatric nurse with more than 30 years of experience, our owner Judy Bradby was honored with the Child Care Rock Star 2019 award in recognition of her achievement in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for children with specialized medical needs.

Movement-based Play for
Learning and Growing

Children learn to love moving and playing, building their strength and physicality in our outdoor areas and gross motor skills room. Out in the fresh air, they jump, climb, and tend their gardens.

High Standards For Teachers,  Curriculum, And Environment 

As an active participant in the Virginia Quality Initiative and member of The Virginia Infant and Toddler Network, parents can rely on a demonstrated commitment to quality.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

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